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God help us all…

..I’m actually going to need a semi-grown-up planner for this upcoming school year.  No more of those simple monthly spreads.

I have this perspicuous reminder in front of me ; I’m getting older, and I forget more things every school year.

Ergo, the planner.

Dang it, I knew I shouldn’t have already made a rough time map, but as they say about me, curiosity kills.  (I have a million lives, though, so no worries there.)

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i always blog when i’m supposed to be doing something else

for example, I should be working on a 500-1000 word exegesis paper for Philemon 10-12. Or is it 12-14? I can’t remember. Also, remember when you had to diagram sentences in grammar? Oy. Try Greek. Double oy.

Sorry for not updating this thing. I am stuffing my head full of philosophical and theological concepts, and trying to find my footing in Hebrew and Greek again. My head teeters because it grows heavy with the knowledge that I don’t know anything, and unfortunately it does not have the capacity for blogging on most days, either. I do hope you, my friend, are using your brain. Many people don’t.

I leave you with a quote from a theology prof.

“Doubt everything I say, but at least give it some critical examination. It might be true.”

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a not-original observation

It bears restating, though, even if I have already said it here.  🙂

It’s truly amazing that as I (or anyone, for that matter) seem to gain knowledge, all that knowledge boils down to is the realization that I don’t know much at all.  Hardly anything, actually.

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Okay Bible nerds.

I know there aren’t many of you who actually read my blog, because my posts are not that Biblically nerdy, but, I know there are a handful of you.

I need help in deciding which Bible software to invest in (in the next year or so).  Now that Logos has a version for Mac, I’m leaning toward them, but I hear that Accordance is also good stuff.  I will be using it mainly for the language tools.

Input invited and appreciated.  🙂

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in other news…

…I’m applying for re-admission to NBS for the continuation of the Master of Divinity program there.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make my way back up to Washington State before the year is up, but I have a feeling I’ll end up there one way or another.  An omen?  Maybe.  Not going to say one way or another.

Speaking of omens, you should read The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) for an interesting tale of destiny, fate, and omens.  It’s short, and if you like a good philosophical novel, you will not be disappointed.  There are some things to ponder, and some other things that are simply not true, but, hey, it’s a novel.  Whaddya expect?  It’s an enjoyable read, so go read it.

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