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how’s your story?

sometimes, you just run fresh out of ideas. your brain feels all dried up. bone dry.

so, you brainstorm.  then what?  free-write, hoping something will just magically appear and take shape from among the nonsensical string of symbols?  no?

what do you do, then?  drink more coffee, take more vitamins, hoping for an increase in brain performance?  or, if you’ve been in dark, do you sit in the sun?  what if that doesn’t work?  what happens then?  do you throw your pencil against the wall, take an angry hand and attack the ruined pieces of paper, scrunching them into misshapen balls, and tossing them all over the room, then throw yourself on the couch and mope around?  no?  do you take a walk outside?  do you wander around inside?  do you pick up the remote and surf mindlessly through all the television channels? do you watch twitter like a hawk, hoping for the appearance of a nice writing prompt?  do you go to work in the kitchen, cooking and baking and eating to forget?  do your laundry?  madly clean house, even though it’s not really dirty?  knit, crochet, cross-stitch, sew?  take your frustration out on the piano, djembe, guitar, saxophone, drum set?  do you read someone else’s work? do you go work in the garden, relishing in the smell of dirt and herbage?  do you play scrabble or words with friends, looking for a new word of inspiration?

do you change environments, plant yourself in a coffee shop or a bar for a while?  do you call up an unsuspecting friend for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a drink, then proceed to bewail your writers-block misery, dumping all your sorrows on him/her?  or do you just call up a friend and get straight to the sorrow-dumping?  do you get in your car and drive to nowhere in particular, blasting the music or ruminating in silence?  do you take a run to nowhere in particular?  hop on your bike for a long ride?

do you break out the music, turn up it real loud, and dance ‘til you drop?  or sing loudly ‘til your heart pops?

or do you do nothing, and just hope and pray for eventual inspiration?

no?  what do you do, then?  are you writing your story?

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no apologies for my incessant curiosity

Here’s a question.  Actually, there are three.

If you wanted to and could publish one book, and only one, what would you write?   Why?  If you chose not publish, why not?

I’d love your responses.

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another silly food poll: almonds

Do you like almonds?  Which kind is your favorite?  Comment as you please; you may even include your favorite recipes that focus on almonds.  If you don’t like almonds, explain why.  If you like another kind not included in the poll, tell me which one it is.

(This is completely random; I have no motives other than curiosity.  🙂 )

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Okay Bible nerds.

I know there aren’t many of you who actually read my blog, because my posts are not that Biblically nerdy, but, I know there are a handful of you.

I need help in deciding which Bible software to invest in (in the next year or so).  Now that Logos has a version for Mac, I’m leaning toward them, but I hear that Accordance is also good stuff.  I will be using it mainly for the language tools.

Input invited and appreciated.  🙂

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vast dichotomy

I wonder a lot.  This is just another pondering, and hopefully not too controversial for the lover of peace that I am, coming up with blog ideas when I am supposed to be studying. 🙂  Oh, and this is also slightly related to Nate’s recent blog entry here.

Question to ponder…do you think that those who claim Christianity and shun the “secular” (meaning, anything not related to the church, whether it be media [films, music, books, art, etc.], culture, events, people, customs, etc.), staying inside the “sacred” bubble, are partly to blame for the increasingly “post-Christian” America?  And if so, what can be done to remedy that?

To use a not-so-great-but-sufficient illustration, say people never left a Christian bookstore, like Dightman’s, because it’s supposed to be a safe, relatively moral bubble for everyone.  They stayed because everything in the outside world is dirty and scary.  One brave soul ventures into the outside world, and is utterly shocked to find the rampant ungodliness, wondering how it became that way.  Shocked as shocked can be, she flees back to the Bubble where it is warm and safe, and warns everyone inside not to go outside, otherwise they’ll become dirty and scared (and maybe even scarred).

This may be my cynical self coming out again (slightly 🙂 ), but I think about stuff nonetheless, and I don’t know that I’ve come up with a solid answer yet.

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…is God, and I am not.

I think that’s a phrase from a popular Christian song (Steven Curtis Chapman, if I’m not mistaken, but you’ll have to forgive me if I’m wrong, because I don’t really listen to whole lot of “Christian” music), and people say it all the time.  But do they really know what they mean when they say that?  God is God.  You are not.  I am not.  God does what he pleases, how he pleases, when he pleases and it never fails.  It’s all over the Bible, friends (Psalm 115, Isaiah 64 are some OT examples) .  It’s something I cannot do, and it’s something no one can do.

It’s really easy to say that God is in control, right?  It’s another thing to take it heart and live as though it were really true (which it is), but even I still behave and sometimes think as though I am the goddess of my own little world, and then my soul cries and throws a temper tantrum at God (sometimes this shows up on the surface, and when that happens, I just go and lock myself in my room, because no one wants to see me throw a tantrum) when things do not go as I planned them. (I am the queen of plans.  I plan things perfectly, of course.  Correct?  Bzzzzt.  Wrong.)  Because, deep down, God’s sovereignty hasn’t really sunk in.

And then I ask the question,

What if our souls actually soaked up the fact of God’s sovereignty and lived it out?  What would it look like from day to day?

I have a feeling there would not be so many angry and anxious people.  I think we would spend more time praying (because, honestly people, sometimes praying does not feel productive, and we always have to be doing something to feel like we are controlling our situations), and I think some of us would even take more risks.  I will be thinking about this for awhile, but I want to know what you think, too.  I can’t be the only around here who thinks about this.

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on the streets

I know, I know, it’s been a long time. I’ve been stressing over piano and people. It’s what happens when one volunteers their mediocre playing skills for the church over christmas time. It’s also what happens when you have close friends.

Beginning tomorrow, for roughly 24 hours, I will be hanging out on the famous route of the rose parade. I will be following a large group of people intent upon street evangelizing the day before the parade. An opportune moment, yes? Some of them will merely be miming/dramatizing to music containing bits (or all) of the gospel message, and some of them will be “preaching.”

Why will I only be following? Well, for one thing I will be documenting stuff on film, literally. For another thing, I don’t really like “street evangelizing.”

Whoops. Did I actually write that? On the public domain of the world wide web where most of my readers claim Christianity? I’m afraid I did, which leads to the main point/question of this little blog:

What’s my problem with street evangelizing?

Okay, admittedly, maybe it’s not my “gift”, per se. That’s a slightly legitimate reason. But what else bothers me is that most who are evangelized on the street, once having “accepted Jesus” (i’m struggling with most christian-ese at this point in my life), are left quite alone, without discipleship, and, well, alone, still adrift in their world. Is it safe to say they are really saved? I’m not the Judge, but I think about this a lot, and I have the same issues with altar calls.

So before you become quite annoyed with me for taking issue with something that is quite traditional in the church realm, let me clarify that I don’t believe street evangelizing is inherently bad, for God can choose any method He pleases to draw one to Himself, I’m sure there are many who go about street witnessing with care and wisdom, and I am certain there are those who would not have heard about Jesus otherwise. I’m just pointing out something I have noticed in my short life span that could use more attention.

Am I wrong in this in any way?  I would like to be corrected if I am.

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thinking ahead

you know, the more weddings i go to, the more expensive & elaborate they seem.  i told my mom that the more weddings i attend, the less i want to have one.

i seriously wouldn’t mind just eloping, and then throwing a party later.  why not use the money for a good cause?

but then i would have some pretty annoyed friends… and not to mention, family.  likewise, there are more than a few people who would say marriage involves community, and including one’s community as a witness of the marriage covenant is a non negotiable.


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two days old

Friday, March 14

“seminaries exist because the churches are not doing their jobs.”

-a person who will remain anonymous



I don’t remember ever touching on this subject before, but I think it needs addressing.

I’m a girl, in seminary. What of it?

I’m in my mid-twenties, single, with hardly any “prospects in sight.” What of it?

I love kids, and love discipling them. What of it? Does that mean I should be a mom?

Why do people seem to think that ________ would really, really profit from marriage?

Why can’t I hang out with a friend of the opposite gender without it having to be a “date”?

What are you people thinking?

No, I’m not angry. I’m just very intrigued by this mindset, because it does not leave much room for creativity or imagination.

So what if I’m studying in seminary with a bunch of men and only a few other women? Does that make me a little too weird? What if I don’t manage to obtain that “MRS” degree by the time I graduate? Does that mean something is wrong with me?

Come on. Expand your one-track mind.

Just because you think I’m marriage material, or __________, or whatever, doesn’t mean I should be trying harder now that I’m halfway between 20 and 30.

And just because I hung with that person does not mean we went on a “date”. Please use your imagination. Can’t I be friends with those who are not girls?

I appreciate the freedom I have. It is definitely a gift to make the most of. And I admit, sometimes I wonder what marriage would be like, though in my mind, it does not outweigh being unattached. The closet romantic in me would scream in protest, saying, isn’t love the most beautiful thing? You tell me.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not belittling marriage (it has great symbolic significance), although it would be nice to be reminded of its benefits, because I seem to have forgotten what people have tried to convince me of. I’m not saying that I would purposefully reject marriage (or a relationship) for no good reason. I welcome whatever God has for me. I want to go with the flow, which means not trying to swim ahead of things. Don’t try to confuse me into thinking that marriage should be my goal in life, because it might cut off my grove. I’m having a nice swim.