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advice to my younger, greek geek self.



Just for fun, here are some things I wish I had taken to heart, back when I was a young biblical languages student (and, really, some of this can apply to any Bible student, not just the Greek geeks).

1) Work hard.  A good grade doesn’t mean you’ve mastered it.  At the same time, try to get more sleep. 🙂  It actually helps.

2) Greek isn’t everything.  Neither is Hebrew.  Don’t get hung up on parsings and definitions unless absolutely necessary.  You might find that it’s more seldom than you thought.

3) Watch your pride.  Who do you think you are? Pride sneaks up on the best ones, and even leaks out in a humble form. I mean, you gotta admit that you’re always looking for subtle ways to impress with your language skills:  Listening to someone trying to explain John 1:1 in their story of an encounter with JWs, and they obviously don’t know Koine Greek. “Oh yeah, uh, I know a little bit of Greek.”  “REALLY?  You must be so smart!  Can you read fluently? Can you explain the Greek in John 1.1?!  What about in John 21.15-17? ”  They take out their Bible, and flip to a favorite New Testament passage. “What does the Greek say here?” As though it really makes a great difference, heh heh.  I know better.  *Pats self on back.*  Being a languages geek doesn’t put you above everybody else.  Stop it.

4) Just because that preacher didn’t get his Greek right, does not mean his sermon has been completely spoiled.  Be kind, not critical.

5) Just because that preacher didn’t insert a comment about the original language into his sermon, does not make him inferior.

6) Stop stressing out about getting perfect answers 100% of the time, and enjoy the learning experience.

7) I know you hear it all the time, but seriously, if you don’t practice/use Hebrew and Greek, you’ll lose them.  So, if you want to retain anything, practice it.  Keep reading it.  There are no other substitutes.

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God help us all…

..I’m actually going to need a semi-grown-up planner for this upcoming school year.  No more of those simple monthly spreads.

I have this perspicuous reminder in front of me ; I’m getting older, and I forget more things every school year.

Ergo, the planner.

Dang it, I knew I shouldn’t have already made a rough time map, but as they say about me, curiosity kills.  (I have a million lives, though, so no worries there.)

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Tell yourself you really don’t want OR need to read this.  Tell yourself it’s a complete waste of time!  Boring!  Sleep-inducing!  Truly!

Consider yourself warned, then I shall proceed.

1) Are you still reading?  Go away!

2)  I had this gut feeling (whatever you want to call it)  that this year would be different from the past few years, and by golly, my gut was right.  I’ve got a new job I’ll absolutely love, dear friends old and new, a cute place to live, and for better or worse, a new and different grad school that is partially the same as it has always been.  Oh, and I made the student council.  Look out, world.

3) Not to mention new ministry opportunities.  The ESL students at church are going through Living by the Book, and I get to help teach!  I’m excited to see what else I can pack into my schedule….right.

4) Still reading?  There’s no hope for you, I’m afraid.

5) Last, but certainly NOT least, Roomie is getting married to Rascal tomorrow.  Never thought I’d live to experience the day(s) of living with a preoccupied, bedazzled, forgetful, bride-to-be.  Okay, well, that is not entirely true.  I figured these kinds of days would come soon enough.  I’m nearing 30 quite rapidly, after all.

6)  STILL reading?!?!  I sentence you to at least a two sentence comment!  There!

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counting stuff; it’s fun.

The number of things that have had to be repaired in ze auto this year: about six.

The number of people who have gotten engaged/married this year: I’ve lost track.

The number of times I’ve injured myself in the past twelve months: three. That’s a record.

Out of those three injuries, the number of times I’ve injured my feet: twice.  Right foot, inside metatarsal tendon.  Left foot, outside metatarsal tendon.  What are the odds?  (Well, with my royal clumsiness, really high, actually.)

The number of times I’ve had to speak with B of A this year: twice too many.  (Time to switch.)

The number of times I’ve eaten a bowl of popcorn for dinner in the past ten months: umm…….???

The number of books I’ve gotten for free the past ten months: maybe twenty?

The number of books I’ve touched in the past ten months: I’m guessing around ninety thousand, give or take a little.

The number of cookies I’ve eaten: a lady never tells.

The number of pages I’ve read in the past year: sorry, lost track.

The number of Lara bars I’ve consumed the past year: around two hundred and fifty.

The number of poems I’ve composed this year: too few.

The number of stories I’ve written in the past few years: [blank]

The number of babies that have greeted this evil world in 2010 or will be before the year has past: that I know of?  About fourteen, at least.

The number of times I’ve tallied stuff like this to a T: never.  I haven’t even given you numbers for everything.

Happy summer!

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that’s my newest favorite acronym.

I think I’m going to make ze auto my newest hobby, since mechanics charge two legs and two arms (not to mention, I loved that feeling of satisfaction I got after changing the spark plugs).

El fin.    Ciao!

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twitter, etc.

Although I like twitter sometimes, sometimes it is just information overload.  And there’s Buzz, and I’m sure many other social media of which I am happily unaware.

I think twitter has been stealing from the creativity that is supposed to go into my blog.  Or rather, overpowering with its information overload.  ‘Cause, you see, when you’re busy attempting to remember 500+ words for Hebrew vocabulary exams, reading hundreds of pages for theology classes, trying to come up with decent exegesis (and then building it into theology, contextualizing it and applying it), checking Facebook, checking email….checking twitter, occasionally reading for pleasure…..


Something’s going to explode.  I think that would be my brain.  And I think that the explosion would expel all my creative juices.  Well, at least most of them.

All that to say, sometimes I think about deactivating my twitter account.  And I dream of days where socializing is not perpetuated through facebook.  Sigh.


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random idea #223

I’ve lost count.  I was going to put 666, but I’ve seen too much of that set recently.

I should write an ode to chocolate.

I am more in love with it this year than I’ve ever been.

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i always blog when i’m supposed to be doing something else

for example, I should be working on a 500-1000 word exegesis paper for Philemon 10-12. Or is it 12-14? I can’t remember. Also, remember when you had to diagram sentences in grammar? Oy. Try Greek. Double oy.

Sorry for not updating this thing. I am stuffing my head full of philosophical and theological concepts, and trying to find my footing in Hebrew and Greek again. My head teeters because it grows heavy with the knowledge that I don’t know anything, and unfortunately it does not have the capacity for blogging on most days, either. I do hope you, my friend, are using your brain. Many people don’t.

I leave you with a quote from a theology prof.

“Doubt everything I say, but at least give it some critical examination. It might be true.”

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pet peeves

Okay, so, I know that “Christians” aren’t supposed to have “pet peeves”, because we’re supposedly supposed to have the patience of saints, or whatever.  BUT

I have a pet peeve of the year, if you can call it that.  And since I’ve no energy to do anything physical and not enough mental energy to do heavy thinking, I might as well do something slightly mental and write something frivolous.   Thus, I will write about my pet peeve of the year, and that is (drum roll, please!)…

Washingtonian driving (no offense to those amongst my friends who might actually drive this way)!

Let me clarify before you start laughing at me.

1) “Washingtonian driving” usually means the majority of people who grew up in WA, and learned how to drive in WA.

2)  I realize there are exceptions.

Having settled all that, let’s get cracking.  There are several pet peeves contained within this one pet peeve, and I will illustrate them for you.

Four-way stops. Yes, you all have the “stopping” part down, peoples, and even though this is coming from a Southern Californian, it’s true.  You stop.  And stay stopped, wondering, “is it my turn?  Should I go?  Okay, I’ll go.  Oh, wait, that person moved, so I’ll stop and let them go.  Okay, my turn now? Oh, wait…”  Um, you’ve heard of right-of-way?  ‘Cause I use it, and I will go when it’s my turn, even though there are two of us going the same way, or one of us is going in the opposite direction (much to your bafflement).

Freeway interchanges. Just because you are changing freeways does not mean you need to slow down to 35 mph.  We’re still on a freeway, folks.

Speed limits in dry weather, because they drive as if it’s raining all the time.  Hey, did you know that the posted speed limit is not the maximum speed?  In other words, when the speed limit is 50, you can go 55, or even 50.  Please, please, do not go 40 mph.  You’re killing me!  And on freeways, it’s legit to go 65 miles per hour when the speed limit is 60 miles per hour.  Yeah!  Isn’t it liberating?

Roundabouts.  LOL.  I love roundabouts, even though I had never encountered them before I moved to Tacoma for the first time.  But the funny thing is, people think they have to stop before they enter the thing.

Four way intersections in which there are no stop signs; only “yield” signs. Are you sure you’re not confusing those “yield” signs with “stop” signs?  Maybe “California stops” would come in handy here.

Driving in snow.  Ha, ha.  I won’t even go there.

Passing. Yes, it is okay to pass, just so you know.  I will pass if I can (more often than not, however, all four lanes across the freeway are blocked by drivers all. going. the. same. rate).

Okay, those are the main parts of the pet peeve.  I know some of you can relate to my frustration in this matter, so feel free to add to the list.  😉

To kind of balance out the silliness of this post, I will now kindly point you to a very non-silly and extremely thought-provoking post by a fellow seminary student here, on the current state of the church in America (mostly in relation to culture/missions), and what it might look like in the future (post-Christian America?).  I might even take that topic and run with it on here in the near future, if time allows.  Enjoy!

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ah, yes.

the green, the grey, partly cloudy days, slow drivers, great food, wonderful music, yummy coffee, intriguing art, free spirits, lovely rain, gobs of studying, beautiful books, old friends…yeah, I’m back in the Pacific Northwest, friends!

Until I get settled into the new groove, there will not be a whole lot of blogging goin’ on.

Catch you then!