no apologies for my incessant curiosity

Here’s a question.  Actually, there are three.

If you wanted to and could publish one book, and only one, what would you write?   Why?  If you chose not publish, why not?

I’d love your responses.

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4 thoughts on “no apologies for my incessant curiosity

  1. kwihee says:

    i used to think i wanted to publish a nonfiction book. now, not so much. it might be fun to publish a good novel, though, one day.

  2. kwihee says:

    oh i have a few storylines in my head, that have been there for years. one would take place during world war II. the other would be current day; a kind of coming-of-age tale, or the lessons that come abt after a major tragedy or betrayal.

  3. Abe says:

    I’ve been working on an illustrated fiction for a while. I doubt it’ll ever get anywhere but it’s abstractly about living literature.

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