Okay Bible nerds.

I know there aren’t many of you who actually read my blog, because my posts are not that Biblically nerdy, but, I know there are a handful of you.

I need help in deciding which Bible software to invest in (in the next year or so).  Now that Logos has a version for Mac, I’m leaning toward them, but I hear that Accordance is also good stuff.  I will be using it mainly for the language tools.

Input invited and appreciated.  🙂

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4 thoughts on “help!

  1. Ty says:

    From what I have heard, Accordance is the way to go if you are lucky enough to have a mac. I personally use Bibleworks and really dislike Logos’ interface. I don’t know what the Logos mac version is like but I’ve always found their PC interface to be clumsy. It makes me feel like I’m back on Windows 3.1.

    Dr. Willsey thinks that Accordance is the best (though you may want to double check with him on that).

  2. Matt Richey says:

    I have Logos and I like it, but I’ve only heard good things about Accordance. Randy Brenneise likes it as does DJW. Since your one of those mac snobs ;-), I’d lean toward accordance.

  3. Tim King says:

    For what it’s worth, I use Logos. I haven’t had any experience with Accordance, but my old Greek prof had used both. When I started Greek with him, he felt like Accordance had an edge on the language tools side and a better interface, but by the end of our two year foray into languages he had switched to Logos because the college was willing to buy it for him. He said that he thought the last few versions of Logos had caught up with Accordance and that in the long run Logos would be a better program with more features or something to that effect. I will say that the options for expanding Logos are pretty expansive – I’m saving up to add BDAG to mine in due time, but I already have a lot of manuscript additions (viz. Dead See Scrolls) which are nice for textual-critical studies. I’m not yet a big fan of the logos interface.

    I know that’s mostly hearsay on the Accordance side, but I thought I’d pass my “two cents” on. Hope you enjoy whatever you get.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Thanks, guys! I appreciate all your input. I suppose it’s a coin-toss between Accordance and Logos, but I’ve been told that the new Logos version for Mac still needs work.

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