pet peeves

Okay, so, I know that “Christians” aren’t supposed to have “pet peeves”, because we’re supposedly supposed to have the patience of saints, or whatever.  BUT

I have a pet peeve of the year, if you can call it that.  And since I’ve no energy to do anything physical and not enough mental energy to do heavy thinking, I might as well do something slightly mental and write something frivolous.   Thus, I will write about my pet peeve of the year, and that is (drum roll, please!)…

Washingtonian driving (no offense to those amongst my friends who might actually drive this way)!

Let me clarify before you start laughing at me.

1) “Washingtonian driving” usually means the majority of people who grew up in WA, and learned how to drive in WA.

2)  I realize there are exceptions.

Having settled all that, let’s get cracking.  There are several pet peeves contained within this one pet peeve, and I will illustrate them for you.

Four-way stops. Yes, you all have the “stopping” part down, peoples, and even though this is coming from a Southern Californian, it’s true.  You stop.  And stay stopped, wondering, “is it my turn?  Should I go?  Okay, I’ll go.  Oh, wait, that person moved, so I’ll stop and let them go.  Okay, my turn now? Oh, wait…”  Um, you’ve heard of right-of-way?  ‘Cause I use it, and I will go when it’s my turn, even though there are two of us going the same way, or one of us is going in the opposite direction (much to your bafflement).

Freeway interchanges. Just because you are changing freeways does not mean you need to slow down to 35 mph.  We’re still on a freeway, folks.

Speed limits in dry weather, because they drive as if it’s raining all the time.  Hey, did you know that the posted speed limit is not the maximum speed?  In other words, when the speed limit is 50, you can go 55, or even 50.  Please, please, do not go 40 mph.  You’re killing me!  And on freeways, it’s legit to go 65 miles per hour when the speed limit is 60 miles per hour.  Yeah!  Isn’t it liberating?

Roundabouts.  LOL.  I love roundabouts, even though I had never encountered them before I moved to Tacoma for the first time.  But the funny thing is, people think they have to stop before they enter the thing.

Four way intersections in which there are no stop signs; only “yield” signs. Are you sure you’re not confusing those “yield” signs with “stop” signs?  Maybe “California stops” would come in handy here.

Driving in snow.  Ha, ha.  I won’t even go there.

Passing. Yes, it is okay to pass, just so you know.  I will pass if I can (more often than not, however, all four lanes across the freeway are blocked by drivers all. going. the. same. rate).

Okay, those are the main parts of the pet peeve.  I know some of you can relate to my frustration in this matter, so feel free to add to the list.  😉

To kind of balance out the silliness of this post, I will now kindly point you to a very non-silly and extremely thought-provoking post by a fellow seminary student here, on the current state of the church in America (mostly in relation to culture/missions), and what it might look like in the future (post-Christian America?).  I might even take that topic and run with it on here in the near future, if time allows.  Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “pet peeves

  1. Dionne C says:

    Heheheheehe, these drivers would drive me up the wall, too! But are you sure about the Speed Limit part? Do you know their Road Rules? Here in TX, if you are 5 miles over the posted sign, you can get pulled over. People Brian knows at work have been ticketed on the freeway for going only 5 miles over the limit – we were shocked, but I guess that’s the TX road rules. Perhaps it’s the same in WA?

  2. Matt Richey says:

    yeah i got pulled over and ticketed for doing 63 in a 60… It wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds, but it was bad. I was going 69 in a what I thought was a 65 and was being followed for 10 minutes by an undercover cop. When I saw the speed limit sign reading 60, I slowed to 63 and then he pulled me over and gave me a ticket. what a turd

    The roundabouts are extremely irritating but I think the 4 way stops and freeway merging are easily the worst in washington.

    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I’ve heard more than a few people complain bitterly about the driving in washington

  3. Miranda says:

    Its October 7! Happy Birthday Sabrina!! (and many, many, more!)
    your favorite cousin (LOL), Miranda

  4. Ty says:

    I’m late to this party but yea, Matt is right about the speed limit thing. Most WA police won’t pull you over unless you are 11 mph over but that is not an official rule.

    I hate roundabouts here… I grew up in germany where people knew how to use them… Granted you do have to yield to traffic already in the circle so there are times to stop but I do see a lot of people always stop. What drives me nuts is I see people stop in the circle all the time to let somebody else enter.

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