…is God, and I am not.

I think that’s a phrase from a popular Christian song (Steven Curtis Chapman, if I’m not mistaken, but you’ll have to forgive me if I’m wrong, because I don’t really listen to whole lot of “Christian” music), and people say it all the time.  But do they really know what they mean when they say that?  God is God.  You are not.  I am not.  God does what he pleases, how he pleases, when he pleases and it never fails.  It’s all over the Bible, friends (Psalm 115, Isaiah 64 are some OT examples) .  It’s something I cannot do, and it’s something no one can do.

It’s really easy to say that God is in control, right?  It’s another thing to take it heart and live as though it were really true (which it is), but even I still behave and sometimes think as though I am the goddess of my own little world, and then my soul cries and throws a temper tantrum at God (sometimes this shows up on the surface, and when that happens, I just go and lock myself in my room, because no one wants to see me throw a tantrum) when things do not go as I planned them. (I am the queen of plans.  I plan things perfectly, of course.  Correct?  Bzzzzt.  Wrong.)  Because, deep down, God’s sovereignty hasn’t really sunk in.

And then I ask the question,

What if our souls actually soaked up the fact of God’s sovereignty and lived it out?  What would it look like from day to day?

I have a feeling there would not be so many angry and anxious people.  I think we would spend more time praying (because, honestly people, sometimes praying does not feel productive, and we always have to be doing something to feel like we are controlling our situations), and I think some of us would even take more risks.  I will be thinking about this for awhile, but I want to know what you think, too.  I can’t be the only around here who thinks about this.

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3 thoughts on “God…

  1. Caroline says:

    Being a master planner myself, God has often (and does often) have to remind me that He is God and I am not.

    I argue.
    I whine.
    I wheedle.
    I complain.
    I stammer.

    But at the end of the day, He’s still God. When I take time to remember that, to pray, to meditate, it’s astonishing when I realize that all that Scripture proclaims about Him is ACTUALLY TRUE. He works all things for good. He loves us. He won’t leave. We can trust Him.

    Even knowing this, it’s still hard. But it’s good to fall back, knowing you have something that will be there.

  2. Dionne C says:

    Yes, us planners have a hard time letting go and letting God. And it’s funny because time and time again, God proves that His plans are waaaay better than ours, and we know it! Hahahaha.

    But on the flipside, letting God take control doesn’t mean we should sit on our butts. We still need to step out and take those leaps. Some people use that term too loosely – “God is in control”, the say, “so I don’t need to do anything, because He’s in control and will drop it in my lap.”

  3. musicalcheshire says:

    I shall respond with a story: I was the best planner in the entire universe. Yes, the entire thing. However, nothing ever held; long-term, short-term, it didn’t matter: things always fell through. This was a gentle prodding of course that I should back off with the plans a little, but then I’d have a shining triumph here or there and forget about it completely. Then one summer (I’m sure you know which one) ALL of my plans were immediately dumped and I was landed in a rather unpleasant situation that gave me time to think. A lot.

    Therefore, now I make a list of the things I wish to accomplish in my day and leave it up to God to say how and when it will be done. Things seem to work out much better this way.

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