getting in touch with my girly side

I will be the first to say I’m not a girly girl, even though I may look like one.  Here are some tip-offs:

1) I don’t like to shop.  That’s practically female treason. Well, I like to shop for books – that’s a given. What kind of nerd would I be if I didn’t like to peruse bookshops?
2) I own only a few pieces of clothing that have feminine prints (i.e., flowers or lacy things) on them, and I hardly ever wear them.
3) Facebook said I was 0% girly. Okay, maybe that’s slightly fallacious (very fallacious) quiz, but still.
4) I detest wearing heels. I’m a komplete kween of klutziness when I wear them, and they hurt.
5) I’d rather not carry a purse. A book bag will suffice, or nothing. Nothing’s good.  Because I usually carry enough to fit in my hands or pockets, or a load of books.
6) I am not a fan of diamonds.  Oy!  Sorry, that was probably harsh sounding to some of your ears.
7) I’ve only perused Etsy one or two times, mainly because a friend had started one up. And boy oh boy, I was sorely unaware that so many people (probably females) use Etsy, until Sunday.  I guess you’re not a girly girl unless you shop Etsy.  😉

Sunday afternoon there was hosted a lovely Blogger’s Lunch, in the L.A. area, by Dionne.  I think everyone of the girl bloggers (in cluding Dionne and Lindsey) has an Etsy page except for me and Maggi, who is considering setting one up because she makes these fab purses, and Bethany (okay, so that’s only half of the us female bloggers…I guess Etsy is kinda overwhelming 😉 ).  And not only that, but each of the girl bloggers got a little gift basket chockfull of gifts from insanely creative Etsy sponsors, Danni one of them.  There were many squeals and exclamations of gratitude and delight at the discovery of the little things within that basket.  I have to admit, the stuff is cute, and I do like wearing earrings and rings, which everyone scored in their baskets.  Oh, and Danni also won the door prize, which also produced delighted squeals.   I get tired of squealing and exclaiming so much, so you didn’t hear any squeals from me.  Fortunately, none of the guys like Eric or Andrew or Jon (who just got a blog yesterday) or Evan or Nick were squealing or exclaiming, so I was in good company.

I’m not going to summarize the Bloggers’ Luncheon on here, because Maggi, Lindsey, and Dionne all have nice summaries and sweet (and silly) photos on their blogs.  Check ’em out, and check out some of the cool Etsy shops, if you’re into that.  I will probably explore Etsy a bit more when I secure a real job.

Thanks to Dionne for helping me connect with my girly side.  I think there is one on me, somewhere.

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8 thoughts on “getting in touch with my girly side

  1. kwihee says:

    you are cracking me up! i don’t have an etsy page either, but you know i have been known to peruse it and have aspirations to one day give all those etsy-ers a run for their money…ha! i don’t know why i found this post so hilarious. maybe cuz girls can sound so ridiculously girly. those poor guys were probably wondering if they entered the twilight zone with all tht squealing. i don’t squeal at gift baskets…but i have been known to squeal when i make 66 pointers at scrabble. lol.

  2. Caroline says:

    I have to admit, I love Etsy.

    But I don’t like makeup and avoid heels at all costs, so you’re in good company there.

    And hey, if you got stuff in an Etsy gift basket that you don’t want, I’m just saying…;)

  3. MaggiSaar says:

    I want to say that I’m not a girly girl, and in some ways I’m not. I’m one of the guys, can sit around with them, tell fart jokes, laugh as they play video games, and be totally fine just being with the boys.

    But there’s the other part of me that loves pretty dresses, tea parties, knitting, cooking, and other womenly arts.

    I still don’t bother with makeup, my hair, and heals, though pretty, are so painful!

    I had a blast with you and everyone else the other day. 🙂

  4. And I guess I would pretty much be the complete opposite, a total girly girl. 😉

  5. Dionne C says:

    Hahahaha – for the most part I am totally a girly girl. The clothes, heels, pretty bling and artsy fartsy stuff is all me. The part where i fail is makeup. When an occasion comes where I think I need it, my girlfriends need to put it all on me, because I end up looking like a clown when I do it myself! Hahaha.

    Thanks for coming along to the lunch!!!

  6. Ralina says:

    LOL, I loved this!!! We are rowing upriver in the same boat, girlfriend!! Here’s where I stand (if you’re curious. If not, uh, sorry =) ):

    1. Shopping is one of the most treacherous activities I can think of. I never have any new clothes or groceries in the refrigerator, which is very sad, but true.

    2. The clothes in my closet consist of jeans and various colored T-shirts. I love flowers in the my garden, but wearing them makes me feel weird and lace is itchy.

    3. I skipped that FB quiz because I wasn’t sure I really wanted to explore those answers.

    4. Heels hurt and get in the way of my confidant stride =)~.

    5. Purses weigh me down, but are a must in my line of work (full-time mommy =) ). I’m in the process of trying to locate a bag that can fit my wallet, kleenex, wipes, a small potty, and all the books the kids and I like to bring with us in the car.

    6. I don’t wear diamonds!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to know I’m not the only female who feels this way! My engagement ring is a blue/green stone of mysterious origin and emeralds are my gem of choice.

    7. What on earth is ETSY??? I have never in my life even heard of this.

    Who knew way back in the day, when I was your Guard leader, that we had so much in common??? =)

  7. Miranda says:

    OMG!!! I love to shop and i am VERY girly… 🙂

  8. Sabrina says:

    Looks as though we’re a kind of divided bunch, here.

    Ralina, I laughed at your response. I’m always curious, of course, and purely tickled to know we’ve so much in common 😉

    Maggi, it was a rockin’ time Sunday, that’s for sure.

    Dionne, LOL. I can do makeup when I want to, but, dang, it’s TOO MUCH WORK. Hehe.

    Bren, so wish I could see you squealing at your computer.

    Caroline, thanks for the hint. If I ever end up with stuff I won’t use, I’ll find you. ;o)

    Jordan, if you differ with me on every single one of those points, then, yes, you are probably a girly girl. 🙂

    Miranda, are we related even a little bit??

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