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I thought I’d put in a plug for some cool blogs on my blogroll.  If you are on my blogroll and don’t see yourself on this list, it’s not because I am a blog racist, it’s because I have already put in a plug for you, or will highlight your blog…next time!  Unless you’d rather not, I suppose.  Shoot me an email if you’d have a problem with that.

But for now:

Am I Rational? A cool new blog centered on theology and apologetics, Adventures in the Archetypes, asks if it is indeed rational to trust a trustworthy person.  Collie Coburn, a recent graduate from Wheaton (M.A., Historical and Systematic Theology), and Danny Marriott (graduate of San Diego Christian) contribute.

Nate Duriga, who is almost done at Northwest Baptist Seminary (I think) puts in a plug for us Bible nerds, as well as some pitfalls to having a seminary education at Impoverished Sage.

I think my friend Brenda would like some interaction in this interesting discussion, “To Initiate or Not to Initiate?  That is the Question.”

Matt Richey, another student (and graduate) of NBS, always likes to interact with and test traditionally held beliefs, and almost always has something thoughtful and articulate to share at Faith Forged in the Furnace of Doubt.

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3 thoughts on “from the blogging universe

  1. Collie says:

    Thanks for the mention. Those other blogs are sweet too!

  2. kwihee says:

    oh my goodness–you mentioned my post. ok, i guess i get ready for the stuff to hit the fan now. be kind friends of sabrina!

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