savoring quality dark chocolate…

…is like savoring a quality piece of literature, such as Anna Karenina.  As you chocolate lovers know, one cannot rush through a piece of dark chocolate, otherwise you miss the fullness of the texture and the flavor(s).  You must let it melt in your mouth.  It is the same with this book, which Tolstoy named his first novel.   I highly recommend this marvelous literary work, even if you are not going to read anything else Tolstoy has written (quite a bold statement on my part, because I have not read any of his other works).  The plot is very well developed, the characters are rich, and the moral dilemmas which Tolstoy addresses are timeless.   Since Anna Karenina is about 800 pages, I would indeed recommend savoring it.  It is well worth your time.

***EDIT***  I usually don’t give full-blown synopses of books I’m reading unless I am addressing critical issues (in this case, there would be the numerous moral questions, as well as literary criticism) in it as well.  I will recommend a book, and leave it up to you to look up.  But here’s a very succinct glimpse of the book to whet your appetite:  a peek into the lives of 19th century Russian socialites and those who surround them.

By the way, I compare mediocre literature to milk chocolate.  Too many added fillers, and not enough substance.

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7 thoughts on “savoring quality dark chocolate…

  1. dionne says:

    I have never read this before. I will google it to see what it’s about.
    And I am sooo with you on the dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is far too sugary-sweet. Dark chocolate all the way!

  2. Bren says:

    hey it would have been nice to get a synopsis abt what the book is about. i have to know what kind of dark chocolate i am actually savoring. thanks!

  3. Bren says:

    oooh a character study on 19th century Russian socialites? NOW i am intrigued. thanks bri for accommodating my brattiness.

  4. Sabrina says:

    quite welcome 🙂 hopefully others will benefit, as well.

  5. dionne says:

    Oooh this DOES sound good!

  6. Nathan says:

    I still maintain that milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate. Speaking of sugary substances, did you hear about Pepsi Throwback?

  7. Sabrina says:

    yes, i did hear about the pepsi throwback. somewhat enticing, but i still do not care for carbonated drinks.

    and milk chocolate is not real chocolate. hence the term “milk” chocolate. 😉

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