i didn’t realize how anti-cultural (is that a word? probably not) it would be to go without my car. it’s a whole new world.

it’s too easy to ignore what society considers the lowly by just zipping around,
minding one’s own business,
riding inside a bubble,
feeling oh-so-safe.

i don’t think i’ve been asked for money more in my life than in the past 2 weeks. i don’t think i’ve seen more pain and poverty, whether self-inflicted or other-inflicted, whether living on the street or off the street, whether verbalized or not.

not only do automobiles contribute to laziness, but they also contribute to the freakin’ individualism we westerners are too familiar with.
(wait a second, no, not the automobiles.
it’s the fact that people drive ’em.)

we’re called to help the hurting, but how can we help those whom we can’t even see? pay attention, people. i’m going to try harder.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    good post. i feel your pain…keep blogging for me sabrina fair. i don’t have the energy anymore.

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