It’s as though she’d been kept in a cage, and the cage was composed of spoken and unspoken rules and regulations and expectations from a certain book, and peering in were those ready to pounce the very second she escaped, using the Book as a weapon.

But somehow, she managed a taste of freedom. It tasted good. Very good. And in the meantime, she discovered that the “right” and the “wrong” was, in fact, not from the Book at all, but from people.

Just people.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have felt that way many times. I think the trick is to realize that you can still be ‘free’, whether you are in a ‘cage’ or not.

  2. cmh says:

    good words…

  3. Summer says:

    sabrina, i like this.

    a lot.


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