Where I’ve been…

…quite a few places, actually! Along with working (I picked up a sort of nannying job), and working for my rent (I log hours in lieu of checks for the room I rent…for an awesome family), studying for my CLEP exams, helping at Good News Club, preparing for graduation, trying to study some Japanese, trying to visit the gym every now and then….

I went to Salt Lake City, Utah last month, from March 10-17. I wrote up a report that I’ll try to get posted on here; if not, then I’ll try to summarize in a blog or two.

Shortly after I got back from Utah, I left for a week’s length excursion to Tacoma, Washington. After much prayer, and consideration (and contemplation), I applied to Northwest Baptist Seminary. I was accepted, and offered a scholarship. After more prayer, I accepted the scholarship, and the doors have been opening ever since for my being able to attend there in the fall. Lord willing, I’ll be relocating to Washington in June to start working. In September, I’ll start working toward an MDiv. Immense pressure or not, I will love having classes again, and studying with people who are serious and committed.


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