opportunities to share the gospel…

I’ve been using the gospel of Judas to my advantage, not to mention the gospel of Thomas.

I’ve been encouraged by the fact that even though the early Apologists could utilize almost any type of argument in the apologia of Christianity, they always pointed to the character of the Christians. In another way, this also causes some disappointment within me, because the Christians whose character is not so Christ-like always stick out more. This is why I’m hesitant to use the word “Christian”. Any thoughts on that?


2 thoughts on “opportunities to share the gospel…

  1. pincky171 says:

    Thoughts? yes, way too many. I’ve heard more and more people who have begun calling themselves “Christ followers” for that very reason, I’m not really sure how that’s different because that’s exactly what Christian means. But, they use the term to set themselves apart from the stereotypical “Christian” who in my mind isn’t really that different than most other people, except that they occasionally mention that they love God in between their complaining, ungratefulness, and cursing. At times I wonder how many people sit down and actually read their Bibles; and if they are then how in the world can they go on with their lives like normal. God expects so much more of us that we achieve, more from us than we even try to give him. I don’t think that God would be very happy with this “lukewarm” church. They’re aren’t many men or women for that matter that we can look to today and say that they are truly a righteous person. That is a very tragic thing. Today I was reading in Hebrews in 11:23 he starts talking about Moses and how he chose not to be called “the son of Pharaoh’s daughter” and chose to seek the reward of God rather than the pleasure of this world, the author continues to cite examples of faithful men and women to the end of the chapter. I dislike the term “Christian” at least from a my point of view being in the “Bible belt” The term has come represent more of a political agenda than a person who is truly seeking the face of God. I’m not sure if substuting a different term is the answer though, I mostly just think we need to rise up and repair the reputation we’ve destroyed. Its time to stand, not shuffle to something more convient.

    There’s a book I think you should read- “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan
    it talks a lot about the church today and lukewarm Christians, It’ll blow you’re mind if you let it. Really questions weather or not we’re obeying Scripture how it’s written.

  2. Sabrina says:

    yes, i’ve heard good things about that book. it’s on my mile long reading list. have you heard francis speak? he’s pretty amazing.

    i would agree that we’re called to something we cannot even fathom to achieve on our own, but that’s why we have the holy spirit. i’m thankful for redemption. i think that if we thought about redemption more often, we’d think twice about throwing it back into god’s face. i’m also thankful that god sees me in christ, and that his righteousness is mine, too. but as apostle paul wrote, should i continue to live in sin in the light of abounding grace? nope. but at the same time, it’s not easy.

    thanks for sharing.

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