This is probably not new, but I got to thinking about pluralism and postmodernity, and how nothing new is under the sun.

The Romans and Greeks had their plurality of deities. Just the same, everyone on earth worships something, and probably not just one thing. Deities. They claim that they “tolerate” other beliefs, as well.

The Romans had their lord, the caesar, who was human and sinful. In a similar sense, everyone has their lord, and it is either themself, someone else, or something else. It doesn’t have to be tangible, but it is something that can be realized through the mundane. It can (and almost always) serves the lust for control.

Along comes the Christian, who claims that there is only one Theos, one Kurios, YHWH. He cannot be seen, and He does not cater to fleshly desires. Early believers were tortured and killed in numerous ways for not acknowledging a caesar as lord.

What believers are struggling with today relates in like manner….we do not acknowledge man as God, therfore the world ridicules us for not being “tolerant” of other’s belief systems.

I sense many people becoming a little nervous about the whole postmodern deal, which is right and just, but it needs to be realized by all that this is just Satan’s prolonged battle with God under new names.


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