A thought struck me the other day, as I was listening to a lecture on “Dog and Cat Theology” by an alumnus of Dallas Theological Seminary.

The people of the USofA are very much like the Israelites of the Old Testament.

Many Americans claim to believe in God, but many refuse responsibility by supposedly being accepting of all religions and ways of thought (though if you would ask someone like this, s/he would probably point out a better way than all the rest, so there is no avoiding exclusivism). Many could care less about their eternal destiny, and live life to its materialistic full. Most of all, many American citizens are only concerning with themselves, and living how they please.

Enter 9/11/01. The people of the US seem to remember God upon the occurence of tragedy and death and terrorism and pain.

Where is God now? Megachurches are booming because people seek entertainment and gratification. What can God do for me? Seems like a cat to me.


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