It seems as though every time I hear D. James Kennedy on the radio, he’s trying to prove that the US was founded upon Christianity. I suppose there are people who may find inspiration and hope in that if it were true. But I don’t know if it is. Ah! There are too many things to study and not enough time. There are also a lot of things I want to complain about, but I don’t wish to turn this blog into an outlet for such things.

There have been many things on my mind lately, especially about my post-B.A. life! Wheaton looks really tantalizing, but, honestly, what could a girl do with an MA in Biblical Exegesis without going on to a PhD? I don’t find myself to be made of professor material.

As soon as I finish 1 Peter 1, I will try to come up with some comments on the chapter, and so on with the rest of the chapters. This may take me more than just the summertime, but it will be profitable in more ways than one.


One thought on “Arbitrary

  1. Stephen (aka Q) says:

    I don’t know whether it’s true in the USA, but in Canada an MA will definitely open doors that a BA will not. I don’t know about an MA in biblical exegesis, mind you. But an MA in theology might qualify you to do certain kinds of social work — perhaps a chaplain in a hospital, for example — while a BA would not.

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