da vinci code madness

I can see why people are protesting The Da Vinci Code, but there are a few things I am wondering about.

1) Picketing at the movie theater….were there picketers at Borders or Barnes & Noble when the book came out? What about “othercotting”? The movie is almost never an accurate representation of the book.

2) Priorities….again, I can understand why people are making such a big thing out of this, but where are their priorities? Are people going to see the light of the gospel through the protestation of The Da Vinci Code? Paul, in his imprisonment, rejoiced that the gospel was being preached with very wrong motives: ” So what? Except that in every way, whether with false motives or truth, Christ is proclaimed. And in this I rejoice.” (Philippians 1.18) Now, I’m not in any way saying that the Da Vinci Code is presenting the gospel, but I think books such as those that bring up questions concerning the deity of Christ (namely, the aforementioned) should reveal to us who are true believers the serious need for the spreading of the Good News. To simply condemn the book/movie for its heretical views will accomplish…what? The central focus should be the gospel. I’m not trying to target anyone here, but I just wish more believers would actually stop and think before they do things….it saddens me to see how more and more Christians just fail to think critically….

..I am quite confident that I could keep going off on tangents, but I think that is enough preaching for now. Thoughts and criticisms welcome. Chances are I have not thought hard enough, so, enlighten me.

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One thought on “da vinci code madness

  1. Stephen (aka Q) says:

    In general, I think the Church needs to stay positive as much as possible.

    By all means, let’s point out the stupid errors in the Da Vinci Code. But if the book (and the movie) get people talking about Jesus, that’s an open door for us to engage them on a subject that might have been off limits before.

    Picketing and boycotting are negative. Let’s find a way to respond constructively!

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