By nature, I tend to be cynical and suspicious when it comes to certain things. I also tend to over-analyze. Beware.

I visited Disneyland yesterday. Supposedly it’s the happiest place on earth. Really? Well, yeah, I like it because I get to spend time with people….but, happiest place on earth? What about all the secular (not to mention homosexual) agendas Disney supports?

And over and over, the “imagination” is glorified as the thing having the most power over your life. Now, I’m sure that most people don’t take this seriously, but I began to ponder what this really meant. First off, your mind produces imagination. So this would mean that the mind is in control of your destiny. But your mind is part of who you are, so that would mean you are in control of your own destiny. You are god of your own little world. Pursue your dreams and you will find fulfillment… will become God. Smells of New Age philosophy to me.

Back to thinking critically. I think I mentioned this in my last collection of thoughts. It annoys and saddens me to no end. People in this country are (increasingly so) soaking in the kind of stuff Disneyland (I’m not targeting Disneyland; just using it as an example) promotes, without a second thought. And Christians are hot on the mass’s trail, their standards becoming lower and lower. What can be done? I also become perturbed at those who never fail to protest this evil or boycott that. Well and good. But will the next generation even know why these things are contra-Christianity? Spend more time teaching your children how to think.

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